Sounds Of Music Car Stereo - Sold me used faulty items wont return money

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Place call sounds of music car stereo in santa ana california located at main and edinger.I wanted to buy a new stereo for my bmw.

The sony Xplod head unit, 1000 watt amp driving a 10" sub woofer. The head units bluetooth did not work properly and the sub woofer did not work as soon as I got home. I went to another local shop I use a lot and they discoverd the head unit was not properly wired and they fixed it for a 30.00 charge. The sub woofer they said was used and broken.

I called several times to sounds of music car stereo and left several messages and no call back. I went to the shop and it was closed. Kept calling leaving messenges no return call at all. Went to the shop today and they were there.

All though the store owner was aware I had called he seemed not to care at all or was even concerned. He had no excuse why he did not call me back This was almost three weeks later after purchase. I was not worryed about the money I paid to have fader rewired on the head unit or the new subwoofer I had to buy because of no contact with sounds of music, but I did want the money back for the sub woofer that was used, and broken from sounds of music. He would not consider even after he admited to the several voice mails i left him starting the next day after install.

He did finally give me another subwoofer new in box. I came home and researched the brand of subwoofer and every retailer was not charging over 39.00 for that model. Not one and most of them were cheaper.

I called him again after researching and he was an As@&()e.I will never go there again and really cant say enough how nobody else should do business with sounds of music in santa ana california on corner of edinger and main street

Review about: Kicker 10 Inch Subwoofer.

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